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The Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC)

CEAC facilities are located at the Campus Agricultural Center, in Tucson, Arizona, on East Roger Road at North Campbell Avenue, 3 miles north of The University of Arizona campus. The CEAC includes advanced technology greenhouses and growth chambers, as well as office, laboratory and teaching facilities.  

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) facilities consist of two 2850 ft2 research greenhouses, two 1200 ft2 High Tunnel greenhouses, 1875 ft2 aquaponics greenhouse, 2250 ft2 Mars-Lunar Greenhouse Lab, 770 ft2 UAgFarm (Vertical Farm) facility, and a 5200 ft2 Teaching commercial style greenhouse.   In addition, there are three 120 ft2 walk-in growth chambers, a 5000 ft2office, laboratory, classroom building, as well as various greenhouse and operations support structures. The greenhouse systems are controlled by commercial greenhouse climate control system. The CEAC facility is part of the UA Campus Agriculture Center, and is staffed by 4 faculty, 2 technical support staff, and an administrative assistant. Greenhouse college-supported staff include 4 technical staffs dedicated for greenhouse maintenance). The Campus Agriculture Center also has greenhouse space (14,752 ft2 in total) available for UA faculty’s research. All the CEAC and CAC facilities are key code-entry secured and monitored 24/7/365 with staff available for immediate responses to hardware system problems encountered.