Extensions & Outreach

Facility Tours

CEAC hosts visitors on a regular basis ranging from community groups, student groups, industry colleagues, and potential industry collaborators. These tours are often administered by: Dr. Giacomelli, Dr. Kacira, Dr. Tollefson, Dr. Pryor, Myles Lewis, Austin Smith, and our talented students. The Teaching & Education Greenhouse, UAgFarm (Vertical Farm), Arizona Vegetable Company Greenhouses, Aquaponics Greenhouse, and Mushroom Production Facility are the primary destinations for these tours. 

We typically do not offer walk-in tours, so contact us to coordinate beforehand.  In an email, please tell us about your group, suggest some dates & times, and tell us which facilities you'd like to visit - so that we can contact the correct faculty members.   

Greenhouse Short Course

The Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short course is CEAC’s annual conference.  This conference is geared both towards CEA enthusiasts and professionals in the industry.  The content is geared for a more technical crowd and the focus is geared toward cutting edge research and industry trends.  The speakers generally consist of CEAC Faculty, Academia Colleagues, and Industry Representatives.  

Hydroponic Intensive Workshops

The Intensive Workshops offer an immersive experience that combines 40 hours of classroom lecture and application in the greenhouse.  Hydroponic Tomato and Hydroponic Lettuce are the two options currently offered, instructed by Dr. Stacy Tollefson and Myles Lewis respectively, and coordinated with the help of the CEAC Program Coordinator.  Currently the Tomato Intensive is offered twice a year (Jan, June), and the Lettuce Intensive is offered four times annually (Jan, March, June, Oct).

The course is for “growers of all levels”, although the speed and intensity of the courses can make it difficult for growers with very limited experience.  Our goal is to appeal more directly to professionals in the industry, and as a resource to the industry for training staff.   CEAC hopes to establish itself as the go-to for out-of-house professional training. 

“Covering Environments” Seminar Series

Our Covering Environments monthly seminar series is suited to provide information on important developments in areas that touch directly and indirectly on our academic and applied endeavors. During the Fall and Spring semesters we hold these seminars on a monthly basis.

At CEAC we strive to provide our students, faculty, staff, volunteers and community aficionados with important developments in areas that touch directly and indirectly on our academic and applied endeavors. Our Covering Environments monthly seminar series brings our stakeholders together for networking and for gaining new and relevant knowledge. Raffi Gruener (Professor Emeritus, and DCC) supports organization of this seminar series.

Fairs and Conferences

CEAC is represented at academic, community, and professional conferences.  These events range from promotional/informational booths and hydroponic demonstrations during science fairs, community events and international conferences. The extent CEAC participates ranges from general attendance and representation in the exhibitor/poster gallery, to our Faculty serving as a key-note speaker for these types of gatherings.

Our faculty and staff have been attending science fairs to support outreach (e.g. Tucson Festival of Books, Plant Sciences Family/Science Night, B2 What if Seminar Series). Additionally, our faculty have organized a variety of conferences including: International ISHS Symposiums on CEA in Arid and Semi-Arid Climates, Indoor Agriculture Workshops, LED Lighting Workshops, and more.