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CEA Student Association

What is CEASA?

CEASA is a group of undergraduate and graduate students interested in hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture. Members come from a wide variety of majors from Engineering and Plant Sciences to Business Management and Fine Arts. All students are welcome.

UA CEASA meets every Friday from 5pm - 6pm at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center in Room 117.

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Our Mission

The mission of CEASA is to promote hands-on experience and educate students with regard to controlled environment agriculture practices along with innovative engineering concepts. Hands-on experience is provided through the design, maintenance, and usage of hydroponic growing systems in a research greenhouse to produce crops that are later sold at local farmer's markets in Tucson.

CEASA Club Greenhouse

We are lucky enough to have our own space at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center where we can build systems and grow our produce. Our 1,100 sqft greenhouse allows us to grow crops hydroponically in controlled conditions. Experimenting with different hydroponic techniques allows students to apply what they've learned in their programs, deepen their understanding of CEA, and grow what they want! Currently, we have multiple deep water culture, ebb and flow, and nutrient film technique systems, all growing a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs.

CEASA Farmers Market


All club funds are raised through our weekly student market. Join us Fridays 8am - 3pm and Saturdays 10am - 1pm to support our club and its mission by purchasing our freshly harvested produce. We are located in front of the Agricultural Center's Wildcat Country Market. 

Stay tuned for our produce listing once we begin our markets. Fall 2021 markets are set to begin on on September 10th.

Other Club Activities

In addition to our work in the greenhouse and the market, students have the opportunity to attend hosted CEA seminars from graduate students and professors affiliated with the University. This includes the CEAC's Short Course and Intensive Workshops offered in the spring and fall. CEASA also hosts funded field trips to local organizations and businesses related to our club's missions. Past trips have included the Biosphere 2, Tucson Botanical Gardens, and Merchants Garden.


  • President: Aurora DeShazo
  • VP: Kathryn Antonina
  • Secretary: Gabi Gutierez
  • Treasurer: Nawel Fajardo
  • Greenhouse managers:
    • Hailey Schleining
    • Tam Friedman
    • Barbara Bruno

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