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CEA Student Association

What is CEASA?

CEASA is the Controlled Environment Agriculture Student Association! CEASA is a group of undergraduate and graduate students interested in growing plants in hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture. No experience required and all students are welcome!

For Spring 2024, CEASA meets every Wednesday at 5pm at the UA-CEAC, Room 117.


CEASA Club Greenhouse

We are lucky enough to have our own space at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center where we can build systems and grow our produce. Our 1,100 sqft greenhouse allows us to grow crops hydroponically in controlled conditions. Experimenting with different hydroponic techniques allows students to apply what they've learned in their programs, deepen their understanding of CEA, and grow what they want! Currently, we have multiple deep water culture, ebb and flow, and nutrient film technique systems, all growing a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs.


  • New officer elections will be held for Spring 2024!

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