UA-CEAC Alumni Assists with Gotham Greens Growth


UA-CEAC alumni, Jennifer (Jenn) Frymark, serves as the Chief Greenhouse Officer for Gotham Greens

Jenn graduated from our program back in 2005, receiving a master’s degree in plant sciences. She also supported the development of the South Pole Food Growth Chamber of Mars Prototype Greenhouse with CEAC. Since graduating, she has managed greenhouses everywhere from New York to Chicago to Arizona to Antarctica. Jenn also serves on the UA-CEAC's advisory board and has been a long time friend of our program.  

Jenn now works with Gotham Greens, a sustainable indoor agriculture company growing basil and lettuce with 500,000 square feet of climate-controlled greenhouse operations that are located in different areas across the United States. She joined Gotham Greens in 2009 as a managing partner to head all greenhouse operations. She has designed all of company’s greenhouse facilities and oversees all growing and crop production. 

Without a doubt, Jenn has helped grown Gotham Greens to be a highly successful business in the industry. Gotham Greens has recently announced that they are opening a 30,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse in the Denver area to supply retailers in seven states.

This facility marks the eighth greenhouse for the company. You can read more about Gotham Greens new Denver location by clicking here.