Myles Lewis

Research Associate

Workshop Instructor

Myles Lewis is a small grower from the Arizona Vegetable Company, Inc..  The Arizona Vegetable Co. seeks to become a leader in fruit and vegetable production using environmentally sound techniques and efficient production methods, growing high quality foods local to their point of consumption. Since formation in 2011, they focused to become a steady, year-round supplier of pesticide-free vegetables to the local Southern Arizona fresh market while setting the bar for production standards for future growers. In addition to vegetable production, they engage in transplant production seasonally, supplying local small and medium sized growers with transplants and growing supplies to begin and maintain their own operations. The Arizona Vegetable Co. has been actively working within the Arizona community in  both public and private avenues to disseminate their findings and educate growers. They participate in educational events and hands-on courses in cooperation with  the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center and Cooperative Extension each academic semester to help the public become more aware of the industry and its practices. The Arizona Vegetable Company draws talent from its founder and operator, a graduate of the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture (UA CALS), as well as its employees, all graduates of The University of Arizona. Working closely with multiple departments at the UA College of Agriculture and Life Science, Arizona Vegetable Co. is able to provide eligible students opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities through volunteering or internships that are directly applicable to their field of study, ensuring a direct pipeline of quality Arizona talent to the agriculture industry once their classroom  education has been completed. The Arizona Vegetable Company is a Licensed Produce Dealer with the Arizona Department of Agriculture. The Arizona Vegetable Company is proud to support a number of local charities including EMERGE!, The Salvation Army, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, and others, through donations of high quality fresh foods.