Industry Partnership

Industry Partnership

There are many different ways that CEAC collaborates with industry partners. For inquiries, contact us using the webform below.

Collaborate with a UA-CEAC Under Your Brand and With Your Products

The specific use will be determined by your company and offers unique options:
  • Collaborative research on behalf of your company: trials, comparisons, proof of concept, validation of product  
  • Demonstration of products:  systems, substrates, lights, glazings, control technologies, etc.  
  • Accessibility for sales visits.
  • One-up all of your competitors in regard to visibility in our programs - access to CEAC graduate work-force, and strategic partnerships with educational institutions training future generations of urban farmers.

Collaborate and Support the Teaching Greenhouse 

Each year CEAC partners with the industry collaborators and receives in-kind donations to support operations in the Teaching Greenhouse.  Every year we plant a new crop, giving students get an opportunity to maintain the crop from seeding to harvest. Opportunities to support the teaching greenhouse include:

  • Seed suppliers: With the expectation to perform variety trials and collect data on the crop (yield, susceptibility to climate and disease, etc).  
  • Growing media suppliers
  • Technology suppliers

Specifically Designed Workshops Catered to Your Company's Needs

If you are looking to get some more training in a specific area alongside your employees or your company wants to consult with one of our experts about how to grow your business, UA-CEAC can create specifically designed workshops (online or onsite) that are catered to certain information your company is seeking. Contact us by using the form below or call us at 520-626-9566

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