Intensive Workshops


January Tomato and Lettuce Workshops can be taken in combination for a discounted rate. For full program click below.

  • Tomato Workshop taught by Dr. Stacy Tollefson will be offered January 2-6, 2020

    • Registration is now open here

    • Rate - $1, 195.00

    • Discount available for Veterans & Combined Workshop Attendees

    • Combined Tomato & Lettuce will be held Jan 2-9, 2019

    • If taking combined courses, you will receive a 10% discount on both courses. Discount codes for each workshop will be provided

  • Lettuce Workshop taught by Myles D. Lewis will be offered January 5-9, 2020

    • Registration is now open here

    • Rate - $1,195.00 USD.

    • Discount available for Veterans and Returning Attendees

    • Minimum class size of 10, capped at 20. Classes are typically 15 students

    • If taking combined courses, you will receive a 10% discount on both courses. Discount codes for each workshop will be provided

Call or email our Program Coordinator with questions: 520-626-9566/


What's Included in CEAC Workshops

  • 40+ hours of Classroom Time and hands-on application in the greenhouses on CEAC Campus. 
  • Tours of CEAC's Facilities including extensive time in Arizona Vegetable Co./CEAC DWC Lettuce Greenhouse, Teaching & Education Tomato 5000 sq/ft Greenhouse, UAg Vertical Farm, Off-Grid Photovoltaic Greenhouse, Mid-Tech Energy Efficient Greenhouse, CEAC Aquaponics Greenhouse, Mushroom House / Mycoculture Lab, CEAC Head House, Propagation Greenhouse. CEAC's unique facilities show a variety of different greenhouse structures and hydroponic systems (for more than just leafy green production). Structure types include: Gable, Quonset, Saw tooth, and Indoor/Vertical. Nutrient delivery systems include: Ebb and Flow, Deep Water Culture, NFT, Vertical.
  • Access to Lecture Materials that have been crafted from CEAC's research and educational programs and fine-tuned over the last 10 years.
  • Catered Lunches Daily, and Breakfast for the days that being at 8am.  
  • Discounted Rates for CEAC's 17th Annual Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short Course 
  • Personal Question Follow-Ups - Being walking distance from a number of restaurant and bars, our instructor is available to address questions more specific to your operation in a casual setting on select evenings. 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Arizona tote bags with assorted take home materials

Why CEAC's Intensive Workshops?

  • Education Immediately Meets Application – CEAC’s unique facilities support a quality learning experience, where knowledge from classroom lectures is immediately applied in the greenhouse.  
  • Substantial Time for Immersion – The length and thoroughness of CEAC intensive workshop is unmatched!  You’ll be ripe with knowledge and bleeding green by the time you leave.
  • Experience Yields Efficiency – CEAC Intensive Workshops have been around for 10 years. With a database of 100’s of common questions and strategic delivery of content, we will address many of your questions naturally throughout the workshop.  In addition, our limited class size offers the opportunity to address questions more specific to your operation.
  • Our Mission is to Educate You, Not to Sell You a Product Line!  Discussion on equipment and materials for CEA production is unbiased. 


  • Lettuce Intensive Course = $1,195.00
  • Tomato Intensive Course = $1,195.00
  • Combined Courses (Jan 2020) = $2,100.00

Interested in Attending?

Provide us with some information so that we can notify you of future installments, or answer any questions you have.

You can also call our Program Coordinator at 520-626-9566, M-F 8am-5pm.