COVID-19 Spring 2021 Student Checklist

We will start the spring semester in Stage 1: In-person instruction limited to classes designated as Essential In-Person. We will reevaluate the public health conditions weekly and update you about any upcoming stage changes planned for the following week.

As the spring semester begins, all students living in dorms and those students who are registered for essential in-person classes at the University of Arizona Main Campus will be required to take a test before moving into the dorms or coming to campus for their first class. Students returning to Tucson from outside Pima County should adhere to a 7-day self-quarantine, regardless of their test result. During this self-quarantine, students should only leave their residence to attend essential classes, attend work, care for family members, or to obtain food, medical care, or medications.   

Throughout the semester, all students living in dorms and/or attending in-person classes will be required to test weekly. Additionally, any other students visiting the Main Campus to work, spend time on campus, or utilize other services must have taken a UA test within the previous week. View more details about mandatory testing during the spring semester.

To ensure you are prepared for the semester ahead, please thoroughly review and complete the Spring 2021 Student Checklist below. This checklist is also available at:

Spring 2021 Student Checklist