Stacy Tollefson

Professor of Practice

Biosystems Engineering

Stacy Tollefson is working with Dr. Giacomelli, Dr. Kacira, and Dr. Jensen (emeritus prof). She gained experience as the Greenhouse Manager for Dr. Rorabaugh's teaching greenhouse for 2 years and continues to oversee pest and disease management for that greenhouse and other CEAC projects. She was a USDA National Needs Fellow for 3 years and an NSF GK-12 Fellow for 1 year. Her interests include integrated pest management, organic production methods, aquaponics, and education and outreach. Her research project focuses on the use of compost teas to suppress soil-borne pathogens. She recieved her Ph.D in December 2014. Her teaching responsibilities include PLS 217 Introduction to Hydroponics, PLS 397B Advanced Hydroponics, and ENTO 497C/EIS 597C Greenhouse Pest Management: Methods & Practice.