Mike Munday

Adjunct Member of the ABE Faculty

Designated Colleague at CEAC

Biographical Information/ Short Form Curriculum Vitae

September, 2015

Munday is managing director of Hungry Planets Systems and Service, LLC, which was formed in 2011 to support controlled environment agriculture in general, and specifically, supports work by and for the University of Arizona-Controlled Environment Agriculture Center [UA-CEAC].  Munday has been actively involved in activities on behalf of UA-CEAC since 2007. Videos produced, written and directed by Munday show UA-CEAC programs at YouTube.com/SciTechReports, with general discussions of hydroponics and aquaponics, presenting special emphases on CEAC faculty activities in: 

·         Lunar Greenhouse research, with high-visibility, outreach displays in San Diego and twice in Chicago, including the attendant media panoply (see: #3 @SciTech Reports FeaturesandLGH-OTM on Medill Network&BioTech On Display@UA-CEAC), among many media viewpoints (LGH Outreach Report);

·         Sensor & robotic management systemshttps://youtu.be/YKAbyKIr99Q?list=PLE09E9F4C664C0F2B;

·         LEDs & grafting in crop productionhttps://youtu.be/Rhbo_zna9HQ?list=PLE09E9F4C664C0F2B;

·         Global use of tiered-crop aquaponicshttps://youtu.be/sSXIldIdQUg?list=PLE09E9F4C664C0F2B; and

·         Towards the return of strawberries as an Arizona year-round crop for local and specialty marketshttps://youtu.be/C1oSypOSrfU?list=PLE09E9F4C664C0F2B.


Munday’s work includes more than 30 years success with Desert Rain Research & Communication, as community affairs director and fundraiser; media, events and communications developer and implementer; and communication, critical finance, and operations director, primarily for communication, science and technology enterprise, including: Moret Advertising; Cauchos de Panama and Guthrie Latex; Breault Research Organization; LightPath Technologies; Moltech Corporation; Vanguard Automation; BioVigilant Systems; Medipacs; Tech News Arizona; Arizona-NASA Space Grant Consortium; and EcosPure.   


Following five years in advisory and development roles with the community finance start-up First Commerce & Loan, SBIC (1989-1994), Munday continued to use the tools provided by the Business Development Corporation and the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Pima to help secure critical gap funding for emerging service, manufacturing and technology applications companies in Southern Arizona.  His work with Tucson Economic Development Corporation, Pima County Economic Development Corporation, Great Tucson Economic Development Corporation, the Arizona Department of Commerce, the Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Commerce Authority has continued to provide platforms and information necessary to advance emerging enterprise in Arizona and beyond. His work was recognized in Arizona Governor’s Awards supporting Education (2012) and Innovation (2013).

Munday has engaged for more than 30 years in a broad range of communication media, worldwide, and continues as a dynamic producer-director, having produced for:

·         broadcast platforms such as CBS News (DC), National Public Radio (DC), The Hallmark Channel (NY), and Channel 13 News (Tucson CBS);

·         narrowcast and online platforms such as YouTube.com/SciTechReports, LinkedIn.com, TechNewsFrontiers and Washington Business Information;  and

·         in-person and conference venues focusing on notable developments such asBIO Expo, Chicago 4/21-23/2013, Cleantech Forum XIV,Toronto10/24-26/2007 andThe Sustaining Desert: Hot Topics Cool Solutions,Tucson 9/10-12/2001.

He is an editor and writer, with more than 420 investigative and enterprise articles to his credit, for a broad range of publications including: MIT Management Review; Washington Times, Insight on the News Magazine; Washington Post; Washington Monthly; Dallas Times Herald; Tucson Weekly; ASABE Resource Magazine (see: Resource March/April 2013), and Tech Frontiers Reports.

Some of his more notable pieces of individual writing and production include:


“Development of an Outreach and Teaching Module (LGH-OTM) Based On Prototype Lunar Greenhouse


Program,” Munday, Michael F., Giacomelli, Gene, Yanes, Marianna and Patterson, R. Lane. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 44th International Conference on Environmental Systems, Tucson, AZ. July 15, 2014 http://bit.ly/1LTDjEQ


“U.S. Patent Chief -- New Law Unnecessary; Indie Innovators at Odds with Senate Patent Fix,” Tech Frontiers Reports. Reno, Nevada, April 11, 2010.


"UAW Lawyers Skirt Rules of Law,” Washington Times, Insight on the News Magazine. Washington, DC Vol 18, Issue 26, July 22, 2002.


"Dagger of the Mind,” Tucson Weekly, Tucson, AZ, January 24, 2002.



"Grazing Arizona: Are National Chain Restaurants Bullying the Locals?" Cover Feature. Tucson Monthly, April 1998.


“At the Last Waterhole: Can Those Who have Known Water Lust Survive Water Shortage?” National Public Radio, award-winning, 3-part documentary series on water use in Arizona, 1981.


Munday is founding columnist and culinary critic (1993-96) of “Chow” for the Tucson Weekly, served as culinary editor for Tucson Lifestyle Magazine (1996-98) and Zagat Arizona-New Mexico editor (1995-1998), and is author of Tucson: At Tomorrow’s Frontier - A Contemporary Portrait (1989).

From 2000 to 2011, Munday actively researched, wrote and organized for “Communication for Community Health,” a not-for-profit program, resulting in a series of articles and actions to foment public discussion directed at development of communication skills dissemination programs & studies testing community-based, communication skills learning for clinical, prison, & court-ordered citizens with Co-Occurring Disorders (SMI-SUD). Project collaborators included members from The University of Arizona Departments of Communication & Psychiatry, Pima County Sheriff's Office, & others involved with the behavioral health delivery system in Southern Arizona (see: “Dagger of the Mind,” above).

Munday is a graduate of The Northwestern University School of Communication, in Evanston, IL.  Munday and his wife of more than 30 years pursue a pleasant circuit between Arizona, Chicago and the shores of Maryland.