Ken Gerhart

Greenhouse Consultant

Mr. Ken Gerhart has been involved with CEA projects his entire career as a commercial grower. He has managed large commercial facilities [40 plus acres] growing many varieties of vegetables in NFT, DFH, peatlite, perlite, rockwool and coco-coir.  Additionally he has focused on utilization of alternate sources of fossil fuel such as geothermal or, the secondary use of fossil fuel from electrical power generation for heating greenhouses.  Mr. Gerhart has over three decades of experience utilizing high-pressure fog for evaporative cooling and humidification.  

Mr. Gerhart founded Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants in 2009 to assist people in CEA or those considering entering the industry.  He has extensive experience in the economics of the greenhouse vegetable industry developing business plans and pro-formas from small growers to large corporations in need of understanding the true potential of their unique greenhouses.  These diversified greenhouse projects are located throughout the world.