James Ebeling

Research Engineer

Dr. James Ebeling obtained a B.S in Physics and German from Albion College, Albion, Michigan and after graduation served in the U.S. Peace Corp in Ghana, West Africa as a secondary education teacher.  Upon returning home, he earned a M.S. degree in Physics and a M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington and in addition studied for three years at the University of California, Davis in Aquacultural Engineering. He finally completed work for a Ph.D. in Biological Resources Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, where he worked on the kinetics of biofilters operating in aquacultural systems.  After receiving his PhD, he spent three years at the Mariculture Research and Training Center, University of Hawaii as a research coordinator, and latter one year as project manager for the design and construction of the “Fish Barn” at the North Carolina State University. He also spent five years as a research and extension associate at the Piketon Research and Extension Center, Ohio State University, Piketon, Ohio where he was responsible for design, construction, and maintenance of the aquaculture facilities and for maintaining the fish as well as for the Center Aquaculture Extension Program.  Latter, he spent six years at the Freshwater Institute as an Environmental Research Engineer, working in basic and applied research as well as the application of monitoring and computer control to biological and aquatic ecosystems.  Most recently, James worked in the commercial sector at Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC in New Orleans, writing several successful research grants, conducting research in commercial algae production, denitrification for marine aquaculture systems and waste management, as well as designing numerous small and large scale aquaculture, zoo and aquaponic systems.

Currently James is a semi-retired aquaculture engineer, who recently immigrated to Tucson Arizona from New Orleans with tentative plans of doing NOTHING, but…. James has worked in the area of aquaculture engineering for more than thirty years, written an engineering text book on recirculating aquaculture system design (3rdedition just came out) with Dr. Michael Timmons from Cornell University (“The Yellow Book”), taught numerous workshops and short courses (21 and counting) and designed both small scale (Boutique) and large scale commercial aquaculture systems both here and abroad. His background in aquaculture engineering comes from both “book learning” (PhD Univ of Maryland) and in the real world having designed and constructed research facilities in Hawaii, Ohio, Maryland and Louisiana. He is currently working with several high schools to design, construct and assist in management of small teaching aquaponics systems.