Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

Research, Instruction & Extension for Producing Crops
With Sustainability, Efficiency & Eco-Friendliness

Biosystems Engineering (ABE, B.S.)

  • Use engineering, math, and life science to design systems to manage soil and water resources, produce food, develop biological products, and manage and analyze large data sets.
  • combine technical knowledge, computer techniques, and control systems for a deeper understanding of agriculture and biology
  • Specialize in water resource engineering or biological engineering.

Sustainable Plant Systems (PLS/SWES, B.S.)

  • Interdisciplinary program between PLS and SWES
  • Emphasizes fundamental science principles and their applications in modern agriculture and crop production -  plant/microbial communities and plant breeding for improved growth, development, and adaption.
  • Prepares students to work in agronomic and horticultural field and greenhouse crop production, including controlled environmental agriculture, permanent tree crop production, turf grass systems, and urban horticulture.

Ag Tech Management (B.S.)

  • An agricultural science and natural resources multidisciplinary program
  • emphasizes hands-on skills, application of technology, and development of leadership and communication skills.