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PLS 217 Introduction to Hydroponics and CEA (3 units) 

Description: A hands-on emphasis course with 2 hours of lecture and 3 hours of lab (greenhouse time) per week. Topics include past, present and future of CEA and hydroponics, basic plant anatomy and physiology as well as cultural practices, plant protection (insects & diseases), pollination/fertilization and bee management, plant nutrition and disorders, irrigation systems and nutrient solutions, transplant production, greenhouse site selection, structures, control systems and energy conservation, fruit harvesting, grading and storage as well as marketing and economics of CEA and hydroponics.

Course Prerequisites: PLS 130 or approval of the instructor. Knowledge of basic math, English, physics and chemistry (Chem. 103A and/or Chem. 104A equivalent) are helpful. 

Grading: Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E 

Typical structure: 3 hours laboratory, 2 hours lecture 

Usually offered: Fall



Cover Sheet, Contents, and Disclaimer

Chapter 1-Controlled Environment Agriculture and Hydroponics: Past, Present & Future

Chapter 2- The Plant 

Chapter 3- How to Grow Greenhouse Crops

Chapter 4-Plant Protection: Insects and Diseases

Chapter 5- Basic Principles of Hydroponics  

Chapter 6- Transplant Production 

Chapter 7- Pollination, Fertilization & Bee Management

Chapter 8- Fruit Harvesting, Grading & Storage

Chapter 9- Plant Nutrition & Nutritional Disorders

Chapter 10- Fertigation Systems & Nutrient Solutions

Chapter 11- Greenhouse Site Selection

Chapter 12- Greenhouse Structures

Chapter 13- Greenhouse Control Systems

Chapter 14- Greenhouse Energy & Resource Alternatives "Greening" the Greenhouse

Chapter 15- Greenhouse Marketing, Economics & Business Plans