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"Covering Environments" – The CEAC Monthly Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminars:

JAN 26 - Betsy Arnold - 

Discovering and applying microbial symbionts to enhance plant health and productivity  

FEB 16 - Sindhuja Sankaran - 

Innovations in Non-invasive Plant Sensors

FEB 23 - Brian Corey Little - 

Advancement in Sensor Software Development for CEA at UofA

MAR 30 - Melanie Hingle & Vanessa da Silva - 

Food Safety and Nutrition

APR  27 - Martine Dorais - Research into Growing Crops Organically

A networking, get acquainted session, with light refreshments, will take place between 3:45 to 4:15 pm at the CEAC lecture room (1951 E Roger Rd, Tucson). A Q&A period will follow the talk.

Registration Information:

To attend virtually, you'll need to register your email by Clicking Here. Registering once will sing you up for all future seminars, and you'll receive automatic email notficiations.

There is no registration or RSVP required to attend in person!

Join us at 1951 E Roger Rd Tucson, AZ 85719

Our seminars begin at 3:45p with a networking and get acquainted session, fueled by light refreshments. Seminars begin at 4:15p followed by Q&A.

Past Seminars:

You can view past seminars on our "Covering Environemnts" YouTube Playlist below.

What is the CEAC "Covering Enviornments" Seminar Series?

At the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) of the University of Arizona we strive to provide our students, faculty, staff, volunteers and community aficionados with important developments in areas that touch directly and indirectly on our academic and applied endeavors. Our Covering Environments monthly seminar series is especially well-suited to provide such information, bring our stakeholders together for networking and for gaining new and relevant knowledge.

So, if you have wondered what really goes on beneath the surface of the plants you and we grow, if you are curious about how CEAC collaborates with like minded units at the UofA, if plant pests seem to get the better of your treasured produce, or if you are curious about new approaches to controlled and field agriculture designed to reduce water consumption and minimize carbon foot prints in food production, then, this series will satisfy your needs and thirst (intended pun) for new knowledge.

For Past Seminars:

Browse past seminars using the drop-down menu in the YouTube video player (upper-left hand corner), 

or Go Directly To CEAC's YouTube Channel, or browse via the internal list.