Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

Research, Instruction & Extension for Producing Crops
With Sustainability, Efficiency & Eco-Friendliness

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC)

CEAC facilities are located at the Campus Agricultural Center, in Tucson, Arizona, on East Roger Road at North Campbell Avenue, 3 miles north of The University of Arizona campus (Click Here for Map). The CEAC includes advanced technology greenhouses and growth chambers, as well as office, laboratory and teaching facilities.

Training Greenhouse

A modern computer controlled greenhouse became operational in August 2000. The greenhouse is primarily dedicated to classroom teaching and demonstration, however, several research projects are in progress throughout the school year.

The facility is capable of producing approximately 1200 tomato, pepper, or cucumber plants within 5200 square feet (485 square meters). Irrigation is handled by an automated watering and nutrient proportioning system. The greenhouse is heated with a hot air heating system and cooled by natural ventilation or by pad and fan evaporative cooling systems. An interior shade cloth is automatically deployed for reducing solar radiation. The greenhouse has an Internet connection for campus-wide student access. 

Research  Greenhouses and Modern Food Production Facilties

With 20+ greenhouses for education, research and outreach, CEAC's campus is incredibly unique. Communicate with us to learn more about how we utilize this space, and to explore possibilites of your involvemnet. 

CEAC Classroom & Office Building

The CEAC is home to a large multimedia "SmartClassroom", two plant physiology & engineering laboratories, and several offices for the CEAC faculty and staff. The building will be the center for instruction, research and extension activities of the CEA program.

CEAC Video Playlist